Quartz Tube Etching System

Quartz Tube Etching System

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Automatic single chamber etching system suitable for the most of process glass used in horizontal, vertical diffusional and LPCVD furnaces. In the chamber can be etched all types of paddles, boats, thermocouple housings, twin rods and other glass accessories. It allows to etch tubes and liners for technologies from 4" to 12" to maximum length 2500mm. Easy to operate using touch panel.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for all types of glass furnace accessories
  • Separate chemical drains
  • Two tanks for chemicals
  • Chemical compatibility with HF, HNO3, HCl,CH3COOH
  • Chemical resistance thanks to premium materials
  • Touch panel HMI interface
  • No metal contamination
  • All-in-one solution for etching process glass


  • Two tanks for etching chemicals with pump and filtration
  • PLC Controller with touch panel
  • Editor of etching recipes
  • N2, DI water and chemical lines made of PVDF, PFA, FEP, PP
  • Drain valves PVDF
  • Wetted parts made of PFA, PVDF, PP, PVC


  • Autofill for etching chemicals

Additional Information

Weight 500kg
Length 200cm
Width 200cm
Height 120cm