Inline DI Water Heater

Inline DI Water Heater
Inline DI Water Heater Inline DI Water Heater Inline DI Water Heater

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Reduce water usage. Better cleaning for improved yields. Improve rinse effect. Improve troughput. Output temperature up to 95 °C. Sizes for any applications.

DIWH (Demi water heater) is an inline heater of deionized water for ultra pure applications in semiconductor industry.

Main part of the heater consists of ultra pure fluorocarbon polymers. All parts in contact with water are only made of these materials. This guarantees, that no metal part is in contact with the heated water. Due to this, metal contamination is minimalized. DI water is heated quickly and at a minimum surface area. Average flow speed is aprox. 1 m/s. Output temperature and heater performance can be displayed in a graph.

Features and Benefits
 Dynamic flowrate 0-200 slpm
 Output temperature up to 95°C
 Touchscreen HMI
 Graph of output temperature and heater performance
 Supported languages: English, Czech, Russian

 Based on FSI Helios 52 core parts
 Touchscreen LCD display
 In-line solution
 PLC controller
 No metal contamination

 Computer network support
 SECSII/GEM support
 Various flowrate configurations


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