GSM SMS gateway for CDS

GSM SMS gateway for CDS
GSM SMS gateway for CDS GSM SMS gateway for CDS GSM SMS gateway for CDS

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SMS gate is used for supervision of empty barrels in CDS (Chemical Delivery System) and sending SMS notifications according to set parameters.

In case of low level sensor activation the SMS gateway sends a text message to up to 3 set telephone numbers. Message contains name of a chemical, which is empty. In case of more empty barrels at the same time it sends a list of these chemicals together in one message. Time delay for each chemical can be set via parameter settings screen. Gateway is operated via LCD touchscreen with convenient graphical interface.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-stop information about empty barrels in CDS via SMS for up to 3 phone numbers
  • Time delays for not so frequently used chemicals
  • Uses common GSM network and SIM card
  • Touchscreen HMI
  • Designed for 8 input signals from CDS
  • Supported languages: English, Czech, Russian


  • Touchscreen LCD display
  • 230V power input
  • PLC controller
  • Dual band GSM gateway


  • Custom number of input signals from CDS
  • Custom number of telephone numbers for SMS notifications
  • 115V power input


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