FEP tube 1/4″

FEP tube 1/4"
FEP tube 1/4"

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FEP: Extreme Versatility for all Technical Applications

  • A flexible alternative to stainless steel tubing
  • Chemical inertia offering the most extensive solvent resistance
  • Broad range of working temperatures, from cryogenic to extremely hot
  • Non-stick properties to allow the conveyance of numerous fluids and gases
  • Outstanding resistance to ageing
  • The lowest gas and fluid permeability for safer use
  • Non-flammable
  • UV-transparent
  • Clear tubing has unsurpassed purity with ability to withstand repeated flexing and resist stress cracking
  • Certified for use with food
Weight 0.1kg
Length 100cm
Width 0.4cm
Height 0.4cm